Here Goes…

March 2017. I was a few mugs down, and was busyly looking at the points I had scribbled in my notepad. I was in Mumbai. The city of dreams. That was my first ever experience being a solo traveler. I was sitting with my phone, planning the next day. I felt very happy, felt so open, of having control over my decisions. I felt so responsible. This thought of starting a blog to document everything I was feeling just came then, interrupting my train of thoughts..

Jul 2020. I think back to that night in Mumbai, as I sit down today to pen down my first ever “formal” blog post on my site. Things however, somehow don’t feel right. In fact, I was about to postpone this again to some other day, some other time when the world will again be safe to travel for all of us. It has exactly been 209 days since I last screamed a cheerful “Bye” to my family as I strapped my boots and headed out on an adventure. The world is busy chanting, “Stay home, Stay safe”. While a voice in my brain is screaming, yearning to let go. “Pack the essentials and leave”, it says. But yes, I am a sane human being, I will wait, patiently, for I know that this too, will pass.

Staying hopeful, I have made plans. It should be Meghalaya. That is where I want to go as soon as I feel it is all safe again. Am doing a LOT of reading, making my plans, my connects and my budget.

What about you? where are you heading next? Tell me!

Hi! I am Anupama and I LOVE my coffee and the feeling of being on the move… I seldom am home sick. There are a few destinations I’ve been to that I’ve really, really loved and I want my readers to see them too. Through my blogs. I seem to have a liking towards writing and this is my first blog post.

Welcome! 🙂