The Great Pause in Coorg

Everywhere I looked, I saw paddy fields, tall trees, boulders with streams; temporary and permanent, snaking around..Every now and then, a gentle breeze and a few bird songs, some that I recognised and many I didn't. Much like in a song, a meaningful 'pause' gave this day an inexplicable charm.

Penglipuran – There is Magic in Bali!!

Home to Bali Mula people, this village is unlike any image the word "village" brings with it. Located in the highlands around the base of Mt. Batur, this is a well-kept village with its charming houses having bamboo shingled roofs (quite obvious with the forests surrounding them), a single neatly paved brick road and delightfully designed and well manicured gardens. A Breath of Fresh Air -  This would be amongst the first few thoughts that would pop on to your mind as you meander through this village.

Here Goes…

It has exactly been 209 days since I last screamed a cheerful "Bye" to my family as I strapped my boots and headed out on an adventure. The world is busy chanting, "Stay home, Stay safe". While a voice in my brain is screaming, yearning to let go. "Pack the essentials and leave", it says. But yes, I am a sane human being, I will wait, patiently, for I know that this too, will pass.